Productions and remixes:

Discothèque Credits

Instant credit for DJs; classic disco, curveballs and rarities re-edited, re-mastered and remixed.

Level One

Forget ‘Funky Town’ here’s another classic Lipps Inc. cut re-worked into a disco / house hybrid; studio 54 soundbites, disco filters and drum breaks make up this DJ Sneak / early Daft Punk inspired groove. Backed with ‘Our Summer Love’ – A Moroder classic twisted into a DJ-friendly dub (an Italo-Influenced, acid-tinged gem).

Level Two

Two power-house examples of 80s production re-edited for 2014. Godley and Crème’s obscure album interludes ‘Ready For Ralph’ and ‘The Problem’ get merged into a sax-based Balearic groover in ‘Ready for Ralph’s Problem?‘. Backed with ‘Love the Look’ a stripped back re-working of the much coveted Trevor Horn mix of an ABC classic; pulling back the studio peacocking, locking the tempo and extending the breaks.

Level Three

There’s time for crate digging, beard-stroking and being a disco purist and then there’s time for bringing the fun back to the party. ‘Bootleg’ is not a dirty word at Discothèque Credits and here’s Level Three as proof. A Kavinsky classic slinks onto the disco dancefloor (a high energy disco re-working of ‘Nightcall’ – now twisted, mutated and now acid tinged). Backed with a ‘99 ground-breaker with a topical make-over; ‘Let’s Jacques’.

Level Four

Ignore the hastily put together cut and paste edits, it’s time for the next level of Discothèque Credit. Two seventies glitter ball classics boot up with extended DJ-friendly intros and outros. ‘Dance her dance’ picks things up after Moroder/Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ with live drums, driving hypnotic bass and some filtered breaks. Backed with the only edit of ‘Dancer’ you’ll ever need; locking the dance floor filler into 122bpm groove, stripping out the repetitive elements and rebuilding the teased out bassline of the original.

Level Five

Juno Download exclusive. ‘Tapa Tapa’ is designed for DJs – Ghanaian afrobeat meets disco in this peak-time drum work out and percussive club tool – download, turn up and playout. Level 5 is backed with ‘Give Me, Give Me, Give Me’ ripping apart a Swedish disco classic – channeling the ‘forbidding loneliness and darkness of night’ by stripping the production back to its bare bones and extending the italo breaks. Dub included for those who like it simple.

Level Six

Not an ounce of irony in e.p number six – just love for incredible yesteryear production. ‘Want More’ updates a 1976 krautrock classic with Solid Gold Death Star and Wonder Wheel locking up a 114bpm groove, adding extra percussion, looping up the vocal chants and extending the intro. Backed with ‘Go for That’ – Solid Gold Death Star goes solo, teasing out the Korg italo bassline into this 1981 classic. Tried and tested discothèque credit. Early support from Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) and Earl Grey (C90s).