Playing Indie-Dance and disco to people in nightclubs

Known for his DJ sets and production which includes a mix of disco, indie-dance and electronica, Push Music continues to expand the boundaries of rocking a crowd. Push Music has received Radio One airplay from Rob Da Bank, delivered guest mixes for XFM and kept things moving with numerous DJ sets at London's essential disco and electronic music venues.

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Sweaty back rooms, big raves and tiny basements. Been there, done that at the following...

  • I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables. I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars.
    James Murphy - LCD Soundsystem
  • On the last night on earth when the horses run free, the scriptures foretell of a party in Hackney, in a dimly lit room crammed with loathing and hate, they’re selling their souls and I just can’t wait.
  • Hey you what's that sound? everybody look what's going down, Ahh yes ain't that fresh, everybody wants to get down like that.
    Les Rythmes Digitales